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As of 25 May 2018, the new European Privacy Act - the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - will take effect. More information about this can be found on the website of the European Commission Agenzia - Studio RO.MA undertakes to comply with the above-mentioned GDPR and thus only use the personal data of private individuals if it is entitled to do so.
Agenzia - Studio RO.MA as controller relies on external service provider Google a) for a follow-up of the visits to it's website and b) for its webhosting .
This party acts as processor for the benefit of Agenzia - Studio RO.MA and has implemented all required organizational and technical measures to comply with the new privacy law.

No personal data is stored for the follow-up of the visits to the web pages. The data is only used to gain insight into how the visitor interacts with the website and thus improve the functionality of the website. Cookies are used here, but each user is informed about the use of cookies at his or hers first visit and is given the opportunity to block the cookie.
For more information on how to opt-out, see:
The details of the contact form on the website are only compiled in e-mail form, of which a copy is sent to the applicant. This data is not further processed or maintained in a structured database.

In addition to the above, personal data are not stored on other databases. All questions can always be addressed to
Agenzia - Studio RO.MA's website has been compiled with great care. Nevertheless, no guarantees can be given with regard to the completeness, accuracy or topicality of the information provided on this site. Agenzia - Studio RO.MA can not be held liable for the content of this information or for the consequences of its use. No rights can be derived from the data as shown on this site.

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