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We are not "only" real estate agents. Our in-house professional skills allow us to provide you with a tailored 360° service in your own language from the tailored search for a property to your liking, respecting your wishes and budget, over the administrative and practical guidance for the purchase, to the full (whether or not phased) completion of your own personal Mediterranean paradise in our beloved Italy.

The agency-studio Ro.Ma Studio wants to diversify itself from the classic real estate agencies in the area, by offering a service that supports and assists the buyer step by step.
We started as trustees of customers, who submitted to us their wishes and needs in search of the suitable property, whereby the assignment was always carried out in an optimal manner and to the satisfaction of the customer.
We want to continue along this path with you, offering our professionalism and experience, combined with our thorough knowledge of the real estate sector and the region in which we operate.
Our professional maturity achieved through design, recovery and renovation of residential, commercial and rural properties, allows us to advise you in the best possible way in your purchasing process by identifying the most adequate intervention for your needs.


We have a range of properties under the menu heading Properties .
If you are interested in one or more properties, you can contact us freely through the application form located on the right of each property description.
Not all properties are already available on our website or you may not find exactly what you are looking for in the offer. In this case you can always contact us with additional specification of what you are looking for, in which region or area of Italy and within which price range. One of our team members will subsequently contact you in your language and will propose more properties within the scope of your specifications.
Being a multilingual agency, we can also intervene on your own account for properties seen on the websites of other agencies, with whom you have difficulties relating. We can act as consultants for the properties that interest you and express a judgment on the value of the property, with a technical inspection carried out on site by the Agency-Studio RO.MA. We will compile a report with evaluation of the aspects you consider indispensable for your future dream home, including our professional opinion and a score on a scale of 1 to 10. This will avoid you spending time and energy in visits on site and will resolve any potential doubts about the technical soundness and/or the complience of the property with your wishlist.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Visit of the property(s).
  • Checking of the cadastral data and complience with local buiding regulations.
  • Guidance in the purchase procedure and regulations.
  • Contact and negotiation with owner about the sales price and conditions.
  • Assistance with: application for "codice fiscale" / opening bank account / purchase bid / drafting and registration of provisional deed of sale / signing of deed of sale at notary.


Agency-Studio RO.MA is also your ideal partner for building and renovating since we are also an official technical studio with 30 years of experience.
In our properties offer there are several ruins, for which a recovery project is already available, with already well-defined costs and delivery conditions, and with the possibility to customize the intervention according to the your needs and available budget.
The rebuilding of the ruins can also be phazed in time, with interim payments in accordance with progress, and with contracts to protect the buyer.

The renovation works will be executed in full complience with existing seismic regulation.


If you have a property in Italy and wish to sell it, please contact us.
We address both an Italian and a foreign audience, to give maximum visibility to your property and increase the opportunity to find a potential buyer.

Some of the services we provide :

  • Valuation of the property.
  • Publication of your property on our website.
  • Check of the cadastral data and conformity with the local building regulations.
  • Guidance in the sales procedure and regulations.
  • Contact and negotiation with buyer about the sales price and conditions.
  • assistance with : the drafting and registration of the provisional deed of sale / signing of deed of sale at notary.

If your property needs boundary determination, splitting, cadastral updates, urban planning, regularization before being placed on the market, we can assist you at every stage.

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